Trim Fee ONLY for Ruffland Kennels (Don't forget to order your mat first)

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We will custom trim your mat for your Ruffland Kennel.  Please select your kennel size. 

**Custom Trim mats are non-returnable**  Please measure your kennel floor to make sure it matches the measurements we have listed for each kennel size.  If you have different measurements, please contact us.  

We will cut mats on Mondays.

Please note that we can trim our WetMutt mats but we do not recommend trimming our WetMat product.

Final Trim Size:

  • Small - We will trim to 13 3/4" x 20" (order 28" mat -Small)
  • Medium - We will trim to 15 1/4" x 25 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Mid-Size - We will trim to 14 1/4" x 22 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Back Seat Rider - We will trim to 17 1/4" x 24 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Intermediate - We will trim the width to 17 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Large - We will trim to 17 1/4" x 32 3/4" (order 34" mat Medium)
  • X-Large - We will trim the width to 18 3/4" (order 34" mat Medium)
  • *Double Door* LARGE - FRONT & REAR DOORS - We will trim the width to 17 1/4"W x 31"L (order 34" mat Medium)

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Elissa Laskey
Great service. Great product.

My experience with WetMutt was excellent. I had some pre-order questions. To get them answered I was able to call a non-800 number where I spoke to a knowledgeable and friendly person. I purchased 2 WetMutt mats for my 2 Large RuffLand kennels (Gen 2). These mats are easy to clean and provide a comfortable, non-slip surface for my pups, which is far better than a bare kennel floor. I HIGHLY recommend WetMutt mats for anyone looking to upgrade their RuffLand kennel.

Lynne McCartney
Perfect Fit!

So glad I decided to get the color I wanted (purple) directly from your site. The fact that you offer custom trimming was a bonus!! Medium RuffLand kennel, I’m not great with a straight line, to make it even it required cuts on all sides. Very happy with the trimming service that you offer!!

Kevin Smith
1000 miles and about 12 hours so far

I have had Ruffland kennels for maybe 6 years. I waited for them to come out with a mat that would work for the medium/spaniel sized kennel. When i saw the WettMutt offered to custom cut for the Ruffland Kennels i took the chance. What’s the saying- buy once cry once? I have custom cut foam anti fatigue mats as well as rubber honeycomb floor mats for the kennels in an attempt to keep the dogs as comfortable as possible. Darned beasts destroyed more of the Harbor Freight custom cut mats than i want to admit, and the runner honeycomb mats should have been a good option, but i found so much hair rubbed off, it soured me on them. I was convinced the holes and the thicker solid foam would be the answer. I think so, at least so far. Time will tell. Pluses are the thickness and non slip as well as perfect fit (granted they are custom cut). The negative is “ouch” on the price and the fact they have to be custom cut with a charge. That was painful. Therefore the 4 stars. Time will tell if they were worth it, of given a chance i will write another review after hunting season. Wet and middy dogs and a few thousand more miles.

Paul T
Custom Mat

I ordered one of WetMutt's standard mats and had it trimmed to fit our "vintage" Dogloo kennel. The custom mat arrived quickly, fits perfectly in our Dogloo kennel and looks like it was manufactured to our custom dimensions to begin with.

This was our first WetMutt mat, but it won’t be our last based on your innovative designs, quality materials, custom workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Ryan Zukowski
Mat for ruffland

Fits incredibly well. Rogue went from being a bit hesitant which was a pain but now he’s back in to the swing of things and jumping back in to the kennel in the back seat.