Trim Fee ONLY for Ruffland Kennels (Don't forget to order your mat first)

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We will custom trim your mat for your Ruffland Kennel.  Please select your kennel size. 

**Custom Trim mats are non-returnable**  Please measure your kennel floor to make sure it matches the measurements we have listed for each kennel size.  If you have different measurements, please contact us.  

We will cut mats on Mondays.

Please note that we can trim our WetMutt mats but we do not recommend trimming our WetMat product.

Final Trim Size:

  • Small - We will trim to 13 3/4" x 20" (order 28" mat -Small)
  • Medium - We will trim to 15 1/4" x 25 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Mid-Size - We will trim to 14 1/4" x 22 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Back Seat Rider - We will trim to 17 1/4" x 24 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Intermediate - We will trim the width to 17 1/4" (order 28" mat Small)
  • Large - We will trim to 17 1/4" x 32 3/4" (order 34" mat Medium)
  • X-Large - We will trim the width to 18 3/4" (order 34" mat Medium)
  • *Double Door* LARGE - FRONT & REAR DOORS - We will trim the width to 17 1/4"W and please check the floor measurement for length (order 34" mat Medium)

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
William Canaday
Kennel matt

Perfect looks great and my dog loves

Christine Linehan
Great Mats!

I had my mats custom cut to fit Ruffland kennels. One was a bit off (my own fault) but the team helped me get it fixed up. Great customer service, quality mats, and my dogs are much more comfortable in their kennels now! Thank you!

Erin Fleming
Intermediate ruffland trim

This review is only for the trim job, the mat itself is great. The trim was, just ok. It doesn't lay flat in the crate but it does fit. If they had trimmed it either slightly wider it could have sat up on the rim of the kennel floor or if they had trimmed slightly more off it would have been able to sit flat on the floor of the kennel, but as is, it is unable to sit nicely at either level.

Hi Erin,
Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that you are unhappy with the trim for your Ruffland Intermediate kennel. We trim the width of the mat to about 17 1/4 in order to fit the width of 17 1/2. Would you mind sending photos of the mat inside your kennel so that we can better understand how it sitting? It would help us to see what the fit looks like for your kennel. You can email the photos to or text 252-773-3364. I would truly appreciate it. Thank you.

David Brown
VERY Pleased

We shopped around for several weeks before deciding on WetMutt mats for our dogs. We are very glad we did! We have RuffLand Kennels for both our dogs, and thought about ordering a smaller mat, and/or trimming them ourselves. In the end, we paid for two of the large size WetMutt mats and had them trimmed. What a difference! The mats fit EXACTLY the interior dimensions of the kennels, look sharp, the dogs love them and we do too! Easy to remove and clean if needed and the dogs sleep better, are more pleased and don’t get the beating of a hard surface on the bottom of the kennel. We had a carpet remnant in originally, and when we removed it, we were embarrassed with the difference. Fast delivery, great customer service…if and when we need another kennel pad, we will come back to WetMutt again, (and again and again!)

Elissa Laskey
Great service. Great product.

My experience with WetMutt was excellent. I had some pre-order questions. To get them answered I was able to call a non-800 number where I spoke to a knowledgeable and friendly person. I purchased 2 WetMutt mats for my 2 Large RuffLand kennels (Gen 2). These mats are easy to clean and provide a comfortable, non-slip surface for my pups, which is far better than a bare kennel floor. I HIGHLY recommend WetMutt mats for anyone looking to upgrade their RuffLand kennel.