34" x 22" -Sporting Dog Series Mat - Medium

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The comfort your hard working dog deserves.  Made to endure all conditions and temperature.  Waterproof, Odor-Resistant, antimicrobial, lightweight and shock absorbing for a soft ride.

The closed cell technology guarantees product integrity.   Because of this technology, the mat can be cut to size and it will not affect the performance of the product.   These mats ensure that your dog will arrive feeling good and ready to perform.

Our mats are extremely durable, but nothing is 100% chew proof or immune to a diggers. 

Don't worry if it isn't a perfect fit, the dog will find the mat!

Please do not leave in the sun to dry.

These mats will work with RuffLand Kennels, but they are not a perfect fit and will need to be trimmed for an exact fit. We have a $10.00 trim fee. Please select the appropriate trim size for your kennel.

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Kathryn Horski
Alternative to Primo Pads

We recently bought a wetmut mat looking for an alternative to Primo Pads. I don’t like the super glove like fit and the moisture that holds underneath of Primo Pads. I was hesitant with the price point, so decided to start with one and go for there (we have 5 dogs plus their travel kennels in the car).

We have had it for two weeks now. I would describe the feel/give of it slightly more cushy than the bottom of a tennis shoe- which is fine. We are trying it with our 90lb female. They do wipe clean very easily (the dog we are trying it out went into heat, so lots of testing in that department). There are a few spots that her toe nails have punctured into it (and we keep nails fairly short with doing them every 2-3 weeks). I’ll be curious to see how that does long term, but currently, it’s just the small holes and nothing more.

The primo pad we had in with her didn’t fit exactly and she did chew up the corners within the first six months, so I am interested to see if she will chew on this as well in the coming months. So far nothing, but it’s only been two weeks. If I had a really destructive dog/big chewer, I wouldn’t put the WetMut mat in with them. I wouldn’t say there’s enough ventilation that it dries up all moisture underneath, but it is significantly better than the Primo Pads and would work for small moisture like off a food dish (we rehydrate our dogs kibble and add fruit purée so this has been an issue) or light dew from the grass. But a completely soaked dog (coming from dock diving), was too much and it didn’t all dry in what I’d consider an amount of time I’d like. The good news is it is easy to take in and out of my dogs kennel for cleaning and not like I’m prying it out with the jaws of like like a Primo Pad.

I do like it enough that I am intending to place a second order of one cut to size of a Ruffland to see how that fit is and how it holds up with time after being cut.

Fingers crossed that both of these hold up in the next 6+ months so we can work on switching the other 8 mats over.

John Neel
Great product

Good protection for all the bumpy miles we expose them to.

Dan Cristallino

Great product

William Bunting

34" x 22" -Sporting Dog Series Mat - Medium

Ben McKean

So far, only 15 days, the mats seem pretty good.

I wish the had more sizes but I understand the limits of production.

Dogs seem happy. I will summit a review in a year when I have a better understanding.