28" x 18" Sporting Dog Series Mat - Small

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The comfort your hard working dog deserves.  Made to endure all conditions and temperature.  Waterproof, Odor-Resistant, lightweight and shock absorbing for a soft ride. 

The closed cell technology guarantees product integrity.   Because of this technology, the mat can be cut to size and it will not affect the performance of the product.   These mats ensure that your dog will arrive feeling good and ready to perform. 

Our mats are extremely durable, but nothing is 100% chew proof or immune to a diggers. 

Don't worry if it isn't a perfect fit, the dog will find the mat!

Please do not leave in the sun to dry.

These mats will work with RuffLand Kennels, but they are not a perfect fit and will need to be trimmed for an exact fit. We have a $10.00 trim fee. Please select the appropriate trim size for your kennel.

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Customer Reviews

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Randall Gerbino
Work great!

I love these WetMutt mats. They fit my kennels perfectly and they last forever (unless I lose one or get more dogs :) They provide a cushioned ride when traveling.

Edward Myers
18 month old Labs win

I was excited to receive my (2) Rough-land trim mats that fit perfectly, top rating. Unfortunately my two 18 month high power labs only took 2 wks to chew up.

Aric Hanson

28" x 18" Sporting Dog Series Mat - Small

bradley voyles
Trimmed for Ruffland Kennel

With the trim, its a good fit for the Ruffland Kennel. Macbeth is excited to have a more comfortable den to hide from her nemesis sister. Seems very durable.

Carolyn Oros
Perfect fit

I got 3 mats with the trim for Ruffland Kennels and they fit perfectly into the crates. The mats seem durable and are easy to clean. Great product.