Training Bumpers - 3" (Set of 6)

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The best bumper you will ever use! 

• Floats on top of the water

• Dogs "shop" for this bumper in the pile

• Easy throwing made by the loop on the end of the rope

• Retro fit to your bumper boy

• Use to train for scent work

• Sold in sets of 6

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Ken Klein
Great bumpers!

Just your typical young pup owner here, but I love these for my 4 month old lab. Big, obvious marks for the new pup to know where to go or knows what to look for on blinds. They have a good bounce too for "fun" bumper throws too. I can tell he gets more retrieve drive (and has more fun) when the bumper takes random bounces at time. I'll buy again if these ever get beat up to much, but I'm 100's of marks in and they still have plenty of life in them. I heard about these Wet Mutt bumpers from Adam and Jimmy's podcast. Great podcast if you're into dog training! Tons of info and comic relief throughout the entire series. Thanks a lot you guys!

Great product, better serice

The training bumpers seem to be great. Time will tell with them. I can't speak highly enough of the service though. I am in Canada and was not satisfied with the cost of shipping from the website. I called to see if they had a better way and they called back, and well I have the bumpers. I highly recomend this company!

Bryan Frierson
Kong bumpers

Heard Adam Campbell talk about these on The Dog House Podcast. I tried them and love them. Dogs prefer these to standard bumpers.

Hannah Crosby
Kong Bumpers both sizes

Best Bumpers in the business. Fantastic for teaching puppies to retrieve as well as a perfect long distance throw for people who need the bumper to go just a little bit farther.

Tom Stasierowski

Great for puppies