34" x 22" -Sporting Dog Series Mossy Oak Camo Mat - Medium

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Officially Licensed Mossy Oak camo patterns.  

The comfort your hard working dog deserves.  Made to endure all conditions and temperature.  Waterproof, Odor-Resistant, antimicrobial, lightweight and shock absorbing for a soft ride.

The closed cell technology guarantees product integrity.   Because of this technology, the mat can be cut to size and it will not affect the performance of the product.   These mats ensure that your dog will arrive feeling good and ready to perform.

Our mats are extremely durable, but nothing is 100% chew proof or immune to a diggers. 

Don't worry if it isn't a perfect fit, the dog will find the mat!

These mats will work with RuffLand Kennels, but they are not a perfect fit and will need to be trimmed for an exact fit.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Sport dog camo mat

I use this mat as a portable sitting area for my lab,swamp, boat, blind etc. She likes it, works well. Only the test of time will tell how durable it is.

Janice Johansen
Great Company!

Excellent Customer Service!!!! The gal I dealt with went out of her way to get my package to me on time and for the best cost! Highly recommend this company and their product is excellent. Thank you!

Philip Bravo
Its Awesome


David Didier
Asked My Dog, and ...

She loves it!! This mat funnels water away and allows it to drain, letting my girl dry without laying in a puddle. I also bought my wife the performance shirt, she loves the fit and looks hot. Win-win. My girls are happy, and so am I.